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i need help writing about one of the Angeloni articles

I need two of these articles done 

Grading Rubric for ANT 2000 Angeloni Commentary


A student will receive 10 points for a completed document that meets all of the following criteria.   A student will lose points as indicated for each criterion that is not met.  


  • Assignment parameters:  Commentary is provided in a single MS Word document that is correctly deposited into Blackboard before the assignment deadline.  Commentary is provided for two articles from the Angeloni reader.  The two articles are from the list of possible choices provided for that deadline. (2 points)


  • Document format:  The student’s name and the words “Commentary #1” (or #2 or #3) are displayed at the beginning of the submitted document.  The title and author of the firstreading is displayed and underlined before beginning the actual commentary.  This commentary is 300-600+ words long. The title and author of the second reading is displayed and underlined before beginning the commentary.  This commentary is 300-600+ words long.  (2 points)


  • Content:  Each commentary is a description of something “interesting” you discovered from that reading (what you learned, what you found especially memorable).  Idea development is logical and organized and the content of each article is correctly presented. (5 points)


  • Spell and grammar check.  MS Word’s grammar and spell-check tool has been used on the document to catch common errors before deposit (1 point)


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