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Select and answer four (4) questions from the list below (only one of these can be from questions 9-11). Each of your responses should be about 10 single-spaced lines.

1. How do positive psychologists measure subjective well-being? Also, how stable is subjective well-being?

2. Describe Sonja Lyubomirsky’s “Construal Theory of Happiness.”

3. What is the relationship between hope, optimism, and sense of control?

4. Why is the presence of positive social relationships such a strong predictor of subjective well-being?

5. How are personality traits related to subjective well-being?

6. So… are people with more money happier than those with less? What does the research tell us? What has been your experience?

7. So… are men or women happier? What does the research tell us? What has been your experience?

8. Highlight the key points made in the section titled “Cautionary tales: The down side of feeling up.”

9. Go to Link (Gallup-Healthways Well-Being index. Presents multiple survey results on well-being in the U.S. and U.K. What did you find here?

10. Go to Link (This is the homepage of Dr. Ed Diener, one of the most prolific and respected researchers on subjective well-being). What did you find here?


11. Link (The World Data Base of Happiness). What did you find here?

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