media and communication essay

Essay requirements: You should adopt some position on the assigned question and defend that position. I need a 6 page essay,  must be typed double-spaced and with one-inch margins. April 10 is the deadline for the essay.


Essay Question: Find a current list of the 10 or so highest grossing US movies and top-rated prime-time television shows and/or cable TV shows. (Box office revenues and TV show ratings are published each week in trade magazines such as Variety, Broadcasting & Cable, and Entertainment Weekly, and in the Wednesday “Life” section of USA Today.)   [Alternatively, you may focus on popular film and TV now in a different country or region.]  Note common genres, themes, and formats among this selection of the nation’s most popular media content.  Discuss the relationship between movie and television content and contemporary issues in society.  So, generally consider what today’s movies and TV shows tell us about the times in which we live, and then zero in on a compelling, specific dimension of TV and film depictions and social reality. For example, what real-life issues are ignored, exaggerated, glamorized, or otherwise distorted and what do such distortions tell us about contemporary society?




Written Assignments Guidelines:


    Emphasize scholarly insight and analysis.   Think about your possible responses to the assigned question, read the relevant assigned text material, and pursue additional research before you sit down to write.  Then focus on, and eventually nail, a line of enquiry – that is, an argument that frames your telling of those facts as are pertinent to your chief response.  Your resultant thesis is a compelling and clear summary of your chief point, which you should make by the end of your introduction, and then further discuss through the remainder of your response, developing it in interesting and original directions.  Be sure to consider alternative explanations. Emphasize insights, not mere description.  



    Use APA citation and reference style.  Use APA (American Psychological Association) citation and bibliographic style. You might also imitate the style used in most communication studies journals (e.g., Journal of Comm., Communication ResearchCSMC, or JOBEM).


     Citation style.  Use author and year of publication for journal articles, magazine articles, and most Internet sources for in-text citations.  For example, “Smith (1986) found that urban crime stories made up 40% of independent local newscasts.”  For online sources with a corporate author, cite the organization and year (e.g., Society of Professional Journalists, 2005).  For an opinion essay or column, use author’s last name and year, but for a news article, use the first two words of the headline in quote marks, followed by year of pub., like this: (“Polls Find,” 2004). 



     Reference style.  At the end of papers, list your references alphabetically under the title “References.”  References refer to sources cited in the text of the paper.  Do not print a bibliography, or a list of all sources consulted.  For online sources, follow the basic guidelines below, using author name (and year) when available to lead the entry, followed by article title and/or sponsoring organization, and web address.  A few basic style guidelines follow. 


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