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Please read the directions completely. The other is what I’ve done thus far that needs to be improved. Needs to be more detailed and professional. You can make any needed changes? Although, I what the company concept to stay the same. It’s basically a indoor amusement park. Again, think of this as a huge indoor amusement par/entertainment center. Ex. Circus Circus in Las Vegas, Nv., the 49th Street Galleria that was in Salt Lake City, Ut., on a Disney Cruise ship, a Wet ‘n’ Wild, a Grand Prix Raceway, a Lazer Tag area, Miniature Golf, a Jumper Jungle, movie theater, roller-coaster, roller ring (skate zone), restaurants, huge arcades for different age brackets and a candy shop, souvenir stores, small department stores. All of this has something from small kids 5 yes old to 45 – 55 yes old. Even though it’s a indoor amusement park. Therefore, the additions should show a lot more income needed. With some extra bells and whitsles.

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