discussion question 150 words 5 hours

150 words on each topic

Topic #1:  Persuasion

The members of the class will be split into 2 “sides” of the issue described in the scenario below. Using the processes and fundamentals of persuasive communication, construct your argument  in a manner that you think will persuade the other members of the Town Council  to “vote” for your side of the proposal.




Your small community has been approached by a developer who wants to construct a large retail shopping district on the outskirts of town. The area will draw in significant chain stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. However, as a resort community, you have a vital downtown shopping district with many independently owned shops and restaurants that create a unique atmosphere as a tourist destination. You are a member of the Town Council, which must vote on the developer’s plan, and the Council must abide by the town charter that states any votes must be passed by unanimous agreement.


If your last name starts with A-L you must take the view for development. If your last name begins with M-Z you must take the view against development.


My last name starts with L,so I will write FOR development.


At least 2 credible references are expected.  Be sure to cite your sources in proper APA format, using in-text citations and listing your references at the end.



Topic #2 – Your Negotiation Style

Review the Negotiation Style Indicator on the website:http://www.madridteacher.com/business/negotiation-style.htm

What is your most prevalent negotiation style? Describe some of your personal attributes that contribute to this negotiation style. Describe what attributes strengthen your ability to negotiate and which ones you might want to change. Develop a plan for personal development in this area.

At least 2 credible references are expected. Be sure to cite your sources in APA format, using in-text citations and listing your references at the end.



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