mexican revolution 0


Discuss what and why the revolution took place, and the role of it.




I need you only write 600 words 



here is an example from someone who already discussed that 


 Mexican Revolution was brought on by a lot of turmoil and failure to compromise over the dictatorship of President Porfirio Diaz. He did end up staying in office for over 25 years. Unfortunately, no one had the power to say what they wanted to without getting rejected. Power was given to only a few officials. Not only was there a power struggle, but money became an issue as well. A certain group of people owned most of the money and it was inbalanced. The women had a huge role in the revolution though. There were two labels for the women at this time. One was Las Soldaderas who were the women that worked by nursing, cooking, and essential tasks that the men couldn’t have time for. It reminds me a lot of the women in World War 1, as they took on the superwoman role to help the army out. I thought it was really interesting that they would join forces and fight for their power. It shows a lot about the progression of pride in women. These brave women would often have to carry the bodies back to the bases, as well as risk their lives daily and smuggle. On the other hand, there were the Intellectuals who were, for the most part, teachers and educated women. The Intellectuals clearly wanted their thinking to be spread throughout the country and for everyone to voice their opinion. It was essential to break out of the habit of being close minded. They believed in the art of fighting without fighting. By this I mean that they had goals of using their words rather than their bodies.



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