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Reading Journal for the following stories:


1-    Cathedral (

2-    The jewelry (

3-    Sonny’s blues (

4-    Cask of Amontillado (

5-    Grasshopper and Bell Cricket(

6-    Good Man is Hard to Find (


I need these question to be answered order is not important as well as the grammar, some question does not need full sentence. Please some quote is required


1-    what is the climax

2-    what do you expect from the title and the first event

3-    what is the conflict and does is resolved

4-    do the characters or the situation change form the beginning to the end

5-    is the narrator is the past or present tense

6-    is the narrator in the first, second, third person

7-    who are the characters and who is the protagonist and antagonist

8-    where and when does the story take place

9-    what is the tone mood

10-what is the theme ( what does the story mean)


I need this assignment to be done within the next 12 hours. Please if you cant do it in the required time, don’t make me any promises, because if I didn’t get it in the time I will get zero in the assignment.



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