hello i have online exam weekend can be done thursday through saturday you will have downloa

Hello, I have an online exam this weekend that can be done thursday through saturday. You will have to download a program in order to take it. This program prevents you from using different apps or opening different tabs on your computer. This test is for CHEMISTRY FOR HEALTH SCIENCES and will focus on simple Nuclear chemistry (such as radiation, nuclear equations, half lives of radioisotopes, nuclear fission and fussion), Ionic and Molecular compounds (such as transfer of electrons, sharing of electrons, electronegativity, bond polarity, writing formulas, and knowing how to name them), and finally Chemical Quantities and Reactions (such as using avogadro’s number, molar equations, equations for chemical reactions, and identifying types of reactions). I am looking for an B to A grade. THERE IS NO RETRIES, RETAKES. This is a ONE SHOT TEST, so I would like to find someone very familiar with the material. 

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