literature review 10


The Literature Review assignment involves two tasks:


1.     Conduct research and choose three articles that focus on Strategic Human Resource Management.  Reference the guidelines below for what constitutes an academic/scholarly reference.


2.     Develop a 2 to 3 page paper summarizing and discussing the points made in each of the three articles. In your paper discuss how the articles relate to each other; describe and discuss in detail points of agreement and disagreement among the articles and compare and contrast the points made by each author.  Be sure to prove the importance of these articles to the field of Strategic Human Resources Management, i.e., defend your decision to include the three articles.



Make sure you have a reference page that includes the references for at least 3 sources, using the APA format for references, and that you have a 2 to 3 page report. USE JOURNALS OR PEER REVIEW ARTICLES ONLY

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