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Rent and watch the movie Traffic.  As you watch the film, think about the different aspects that make up the drug problem in the United States and how, if you were in charge, you’d go about curbing illegal drug use in our country.

Assignment: Pretend that you work for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), which is currently headed by Michele Leonhart ( Also, you have been appointed to a special subcommittee taskforce to submit a report to Michele Leonhart on the current drug problem in the US and give suggestions on a strategy to combat the problem. Using the movie Traffic as if it were actual research data, submit a 2-part report to Michelle for review. 

Part 1: (1-2 double spaced pages minimum): Using specific examples from the movie, state the underlying drug issues the DEA must address in order to curb illicit drug use in the US.  In other words, what are the different aspects that comprise of drug problem the DEA faces.  From reading this section of your report, I should be able to tell that you have watched the movie as assigned.  Remember to reference specific scenes from the movie.

Part 2: (1-2 double spaced pages minimum): Give your own personal advice on where you think the DEA should focus its attention to most effectively combat illicit drug use in our country.  Back up your suggestions with rationale.

Watching the movie and submitting a 2-3 page paper is the minimum requirement for this assignment and would likely result in a “C” grade. If you want a higher grade, give extra effort on your paper.

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