2-page paper about Intercultural Business Communication

The challenge for this writing project is to consider the areas of weakness that a firm could have with respect to it’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Specifically, you will be analyzing these weaknesses in 3 major areas of the firm:

  • Organizational – for example, when Ikea decides to open a store in Kenya, how must they adopt their internal organizational structure and practices to accommodate this new market? Should they send internal managers and employees to staff the store or should they hire locally?
  • Compliance – for example, what are the hiring laws like for Ikea in Kenya? Does Kenya have laws and policies that Ikea must follow that they currently are not? How would you recommend Ikea adapt?
  • Marketing – how does Ikea approach their marketing efforts in Kenya? Do they hire local staff or their internal team? What language do they use?

The assignment

  • Your team is to discuss the three issues above and how they affect different companies in different countries.
  • Then, you are to pick a US-based company and determine a foreign country in which this company will do or is doing business.
  • After your group discussion, you will write a 2-page paper (following the instructions in the syllabus for paper submission) and give me at least 1 example for each of the 3 areas above (organizational, compliance, marketing) for how the company will adjust or change their policies to adapt to the new country.

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