Describes why you are interested in the REU program

The paper should be a statement of purpose that covers four areas: Motivation, Achievement, Research Interests and Career Goals.

I’m applying for an REU program (Research experience for undergraduates).

The questions asked are as follows:

Describes why you are interested in the REU program, your relevant academic achievements, why you can be an exceptional candidate, and the career goals and research interests.

For my academic achievement you can mention that I’ve been on the dean’s list multiple times, I’m a phi theta member and I’m a recipient of The ACCESS Scholarship Program by NSF.

As far as career goals I want to become an incident response analyst.

Research interests: Malware analysis, Blockchain technology, IoT (Internet of things) vulnerabilities.

Please, go over the questions thoroughly by adding different points that you think might grab the application reader’s attention.

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