Design Flyer 1 page + discussion 300 words


For this assignment, you will create an informational flyer designed for a specific
set of readers. You will need to gather data from various sources, and then
interpret and incorporate the data into tables, charts, diagrams, or illustrations. Be creative with color, placement, and graphics.

When planning the flyer, think carefully about how readers will use the
information and how you can use graphics to make the facts as accessible,
understandable, and useful as possible.


When integrating graphics in with your text, Anderson (2017) acknowledges four


Guideline 1: Introduce your graphics in your text.

Guideline 2: Place your graphics near your references to them.

Guideline 3: State the conclusions you want your readers to draw.

Guideline 4: When appropriate, include explanations in your figures.

Discuss how and why these guidelines make sense for a reader.

Have YOU used these points when designing the graphics for our Flyer assignment in

the next session? (300 words)

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