Leadership Profile

Select a particular leader that you can research

Include the following components:

  • A brief overview of the leader
  • Some context for this leader (their current or recent position) and a bit on the organization.
  • Analysis of the leader’s communication style
  • Your overall analysis and critique of the leader’s style and skills (using our three modalities to react with employees – 1. One to One, 2. One to many. 3. E-form)
  • If you had been advising the leader, what would you recommend to leverage his/her strengths and areas needing enhancement.
  • Summary

I am looking more for critique and analysis rather than reporting or description.

Length: 3 pages, single space. APA citation, good research from books and articles,

Some Suggestion of Leader: Jack MA (Alibaba), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Elon Musk (Tesla)

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