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Two part assignment. Send both parts separately. Part 1 is case study answers in 2 pages and part 2 is discussion in 200 words. both are needed to be in APA with intext citations.

Part 1: Review the case study about the Montefiore Medical Center’s 2009–2010 strategic plan located in your text (Kovner et al., 2011), Chapter 14, pp. 312–313. Consider the following questions:

  • How will the organizational performance at Montefiore be measured?
  • Why don’t all HCOs have strategic goals like Montefiore’s?
  • What contributions should the management team make? Explain in detail.

Part 2: 

Kovner discusses how HCO boards and managers are increasingly accountable for their organizations’ performance. Boards and managers, however, sometimes perceive these as limits on their autonomy, while the requirements were developed in an effort to ensure access, quality of care, and cost control. What are some of the ways to measure performance of HCOs? What skills and experience are required to own and manage HCOs?


Title: Jonas and Kovner’s Health Care Delivery in the United States, Tenth Edition

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