Need History homework need help on Takin’: 392-398, 39-42

Read: Takin’: 392-398, 39-42 (yes, numbers are correct), 414-417, 448-452
• Editors’ introduction
• Betty Friedan, “The Problem That Has No Name”

 • Casey Hayden and Mary King, “Sex and Caste: A Kind of Memo” (this
document is in the Civil Rights Movement chapter) 

• Barbara Susan, “About My Consciousness Raising” 

• Enriqueta Longauex y Vasquez, “The Mexican-American Woman” 

Write: Assignment must be typed, with your name at the top
Read all of the assigned readings. Choose one of the four documents (that is,
excluding the editors’ introduction) and complete the following a sentence:
Based on reading <>, feminist women believed that
For example: Based on reading Betty Friedan, “The Problem That Has No
Name,” feminist women believed that _______________.
Use NO QUOTATIONS. Write your sentence entirely in your own words.

new doc 23.pdf 

new doc 24.pdf 

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