Rhetorical Analysis

please write a 2 – 3 pages rhetorical analysis on this article https://www.thenation.com/article/what-the-egyptia…

in which you include these elements: ( Write it as paragraphs for each element )

PURPOSE: What’s the thesis of the

article? What is the author’s point in

writing the article?

STRUCTURE: How is the text

organized? What are the main ideas

and how do they relate to the thesis

and to each other?

AUDIENCE: Who is the audience

What strategies does the author use to

achieve the purpose? How does he/she

try to persuade the audience that his/her

argument is valid?

What types of evidence does the author

use to support his/her thesis? How good

is this evidence? Is it observation,

inference, or a combination of both?

Point of view, tone, metaphor, context,

Does the author include opposing

views? Does he/she respond to

them effectively?

Does the author leave any questions


Does the author use faulty reasoning

or unfair arguments?

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