Sociology assignment 4 pages (APA style)

Status vs role.

student, athlete, son/daughter. significant other/partner. high school drop out, inmate

What are your roles? ( labels, expectations, tasks associated with each status)

role conflict: conflict that someone feels between roles because the expectations attached to one role are incompatible with the expectations of another role

role performance: the ways in which someone performs a role within the limits that the role provides; showing a particular style or personality

status: the position that someone occupies

status inconsistency: ranking high on some dimensions of social class and low on others; also called status discrepancy

status set: all the statuses or positions that an individual occupies

status symbols: signs that identify a status

role strain: conflicts that someone feels within a role

achieved status: a position that is earned, accomplished, or involves at least some effort or activity on the individual’s part

ascribed status: a position an individual either inherits at birth or receives involuntarily later in life

master status: a status that cuts across the other statuses that an individual occupies

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