2-2 Character Sketch

I need a 1 page character sketch written for a character that will be in my short story. All of the following areas must be addressed:

Physical Description

This is broken down into four (4) areas that must be discussed for full credit for this part of the assignment.

Physical Attributes: What does your character look like? Be as specific as possible. Remember, this is helping you when creating the story, even if you aren’t including all of these details. The best things to point out are anything that makes the character stand out, such as scars, tattoos, and so on.

Mental Attributes: What is your character’s personality? What motivates them to do things?

Family History: What is your character’s family history look like? How has their family affected them as they are in the time and place of the story? Do they have a family? Are they close to a particular sibling? Again, even if this isn’t part of your story, per se, it could help drive the character’s motivations and actions, without them being conscious of it.

Personal Conflicts: What conflicts does your character have? Are they self-conscious? Are they shy? Are they an alcoholic? Focus these conflicts on what you plan to create as the central conflict of this particular story/scene from the character’s life.

Character Sketch Questions

“Interview” your character. Ask them 3-5 questions that help you to better understand who they are and what drives them. Try to make these in relation to your story idea and the conflict. For example, if your character has a fight in the story with a sibling, one question you might ask is, “Where does your character go when they are angry?”

Please be sure to format in MLA and to read the rubric before starting. I will provide details about the story once I have selected a tutor.

Here are some resources that may be useful: http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/character.html



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