2 papers about organization management

Learning from Hardship

Everyone suffers from some hardship at some point in their lives. Going through a hardship is no guarantee that you’ll learn from the experience; however, research has shown that effective leaders have gone through tough times and have learned how to turn them into positive development opportunities. They identify hardships as stepping stones, not as insurmountable obstacles.

1) Identify a significant failure from your professional or personal life and summarize it in a paragraph or two.

2) Describe how you felt about the failure immediately after it happened.

3) Now, describe any positive outcomes that came out of the failure, including skills you acquired, lessons, you learned, and any relationships you established.

4) Did this failure change or shape you as a person, and potential leader? Do you make decisions differently now?

— This paper should be at least two-full pages, double spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font. You do not have to go into extraordinary details or use real names if you are uncomfortable.

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