700 words Computational Thinking Paper

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk and buzz around computational thinking. Based on
your readings for this course and what you’ve learned in the past in this program, share your
perspectives on “computational thinking”. Should it be a required part of student education? How
do you make a bridge between computational thinking to other subjects, (particularly math and
science)? Is coding all there is to computational thinking? What are the implications of
computational thinking in our society and where do you see it fitting in the future? Think hard and
make a decision on the issue of CT. Write a paper that defines, defends, and offers an example in
support of your opinion.

The paper is expected to:
– use APA format

– check spelling, grammar, and punctuation
– work within the assignment parameters

– construct logical, organized, cohesive propositions.

– reference all quoted material and avoid over-quoting/paraphrasing
– approx. 700 words
– Please do your best to use very simple English

Only use quotes from the following books/readings:
1. Buechley, L., Qiu, K., Goldfein, J., & Boer, S. de. (2013). Sew Electric: A Collection of DIY Projects that
Combine Fabric, Electronics, and Programming.
2. Papert, S. (1980). Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas. New York: Basic Books.

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