assignment due in two days – 3 pages in total

Section 1

Find a qualified journal article or white paper (4-10 pages, academic, credible, interesting to you) on a topic that we covered or related to one we covered in class. Do a 2 page critical write up including: synopsis, what you agree and disagree with, how you’d extend it further or make it actionable, remaining questions it triggered. Also turn in the source article/paper.

Section 2

Generate a professional education plan including how you plan to stay up on trends, technology and information in your field and areas of (professional) interest. This 1-2 page section shall include: research on effective methods, include benchmarking what is working for others including people at the top of their field, mentors, etc, your vision, goals (weekly, monthly), plan (including which specific tools, sites and amount of time allotted), and after practicing what you preach for a few days, include an evaluation of how its going and anything you will change.


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