disscussion question: Conquering Fear and Ethical Problems

This is a disscusion question. A response is needed for both questions one(1) and two (2), a link to the article or reference, and at least a paragraph long and a response to Marvin Palmer response needs to be at least a paragraph long also.

1. Identify your biggest fear about public speaking. Develop a plan to gain confidence and overcome your fear, then explain how you’ll implement your plan.

2. What is your definition of “ethical public speaking”? Find an example online of a speech (or a speech excerpt) that violates ethical public speaking according to your definition. Share the link, summarize the ethical violation, and discuss how you’ll avoid this type of problem in your own public speaking.

Marvin Palmer

RE: Week 1 Discussion

Hello everyone

My biggest fear is that when I’m nervous. I will begin to sweat a lot which makes me stumble over the speech that I have prepared. When giving a speech I try to look over the audience or pretend that they don’t have any clothes own. When giving my speech and that nervous feeling come I will smile within myself and realize it’s not that bad.

Ethical speaking is letting your audience know what your intentions are with out it being a surprised. You must be honest with the audience that you are speaking or writing to. In 1987, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. dropped out of the 1988 presidential race over a plagiarism scandal involving a speech by Neil Kinnock, then the leader of the Labour Party leader in the U.K., the Post reported


Joe Biden used some informationI from another speech with permission or without proper credit. in other words he stole someone speech for his gain until he was caught using this information. I will make sure the author or authors receive the credit for writing the post.When quoting someone make sure the quotations are in the right spots along with someone and me proof reading the speech.

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