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150 to 300 words each question


1. Review the “Between Marijuana and Schizophrenia” video. How does society get teenagers to understand the risk of using marijuana due to the dangers of triggering schizophrenia when there is so much media focus on the substance’s harmlessness? 


2. what happens in the brain and body chemistry that makes addiction so hard to overcome?


3.  Which model of conceptualizing addiction makes the most sense to you? Do you think there can be a single model for conceptualization or is a multimodal approach more effective? 


4. This weeks discuss a wide variety of theories focusing on addiction. What did you learn from these theories and how they are applied to addiction? The theories are all very different from one another, just as people are, so how can we decide which theory is right, or which theory fits best? Or is it ok to have a wide variety of theories to apply because when it comes down to it people are very different and there is no one “mold” that will fit all people effectively?


5.Part of this weeks we discussed addiction and treatment modalities. Much of that discussions was on the 12 step method which essentially re-teaches a person basic day to day skills (how to function effectively and drug free in society). It focuses on the basics and repairing damage that the persons addictions caused (by giving the person some accountability for their actions at certain steps). Why is this process successful for some? Why do you think that it takes many people a long time to succeed with this method?


Write a 1,050-to 1,400-word paper briefly describing the models, how they are synergistic, or how they take competing views.

Include a summary about which theory you feel is most useful for helping intervene on addiction.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.




The Etiology of Addiction SEE ATTACHMENT 


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