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Understanding the foundations and history of nursing is very important as a nurse. It shows how far nursing as a whole has come. There were so many struggles and advancements made in the profession over the years. Nursing history shows how much it has grown to be respected and needed.

A huge trend that has changed nursing throughout the years is the technology. Today we have so many advancement in nursing I can not even begin to imagine not having the equipment and medication that is available to us now in patient care. The ability to prevent and cure through technology advancements makes nursing today a valuable asset. 

Nursing used to be mainly a man profession and associated more with military and religious backgrounds. The trend has changed through history with the wars needing more nurses. The war opened the doors for woman to have a profession that eventually became respected. It takes a special person to be a nurse with a caring heart and great critical thinking skills. (Grand Canyon University | Digital Resource, 2016). For the door to be opened for woman to stand along aside men and have a respected profession that shows our intelligence and caring attitudes is a major advancement.

The uniform is another trend throughout nursing that has changed but still important for nurses today. The nurse’s cap used to be a stable in nursing uniform. Today nurses do not wear the caps while working but still for our pinning ceremony. (Grand Canyon University |Digital Resource, 2016). I think that shows respect for the nurses before us that paved the way and made nursing such a critical and needed profession in today’s world. Today nurses wearing scrubs, lab coat, and our stethoscope when needed is a symbol in itself and symbolizes us as a nurse. When I see scrubs I immediately think about nurses and all that we do while wearing them.

The timeline was so interesting to read and I learned so much. I knew about Florence Nightingale but did not fully realize how much she paved the way for us and how much nursing has evolved. 

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