Learning Plan 6


Research Paper

Turn in the final draft of your research paper in the dropbox labeled “Research Paper.” This paper must:
1) address the ethical theories or principles that most influence current conversations about this topic.
2) discuss how these ethical theories or principles translate into healthcare policy decisions.

In the course of addressing these topics, it must prove your thesis statement or answer your research question.

Before you submit your draft, check to be sure you’ve fulfilled all the requirements. Your research paper submission must include:

  • No less than 5 written pages of work (double spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font, and 1″ margins), NOT including cover page and references page.
  • Cover page and references page.
  • Main section
    • Introduction section
    • Definitions of important terms
    • Body (several sections and topics which address your research question or thesis)
    • Conclusion
  • At least 6 credible references
  • APA-style formatting
    Your paper must be original writing. Papers found to be plagiarized will receive no points. The instructor appreciates reading your original thoughts on a topic. If you are confused about how to cite references, contact your instructor and also follow the link above, which covers APA format. A good faith attempt to cite references, even if they are not absolutely perfect, goes a long way with your instructor.

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