Prepare a 3-6-page executive report that analyzes the internal and external environments of the organization

Overview: You are a strategic analyst for the company you have selected to use in this course. The company has recently started the strategic planning process and needs to analyze the current internal and external environments.


For this assessment, you will need to complete a VRIO or Value Chain analysis, a PESTEL analysis based on research of the organization (not conjecture or opinion), and a Five Forces model (pay attention to the relationships of elements from both PESTEL and Five Forces). These must be included in the document you submit. You should also research the industry your company is in, as well as the company’s website for information and supporting evidence. Once you have this research completed, prepare an executive briefing report that will be distributed to senior executive leadership. In your report, address the following:

  • Analyze the internal environment of the organization.
    • What are the key findings from your VRIO or Value Chain analysis?
    • How well does the organization leverage its strengths to execute the business strategy?
    • How effective is the organizational structure and management system design?
  • Analyze the external environment of the organization.
    • What are the key findings from your PESTEL analysis?
    • What are the key findings from your Five Forces analysis?
    • How can the organization respond to these forces to better position itself?
  • Recommend a course of action for leadership based on your analysis.

Deliverable Format

  • The strategic analysis is a professional document and should therefore follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines, including single-spaced paragraphs.
  • In addition to the analysis, include:
    • Title page.
    • Table of contents.
    • Executive summary.
    • VRIO or Value Chain analysis.
    • PESTEL analysis.
    • Five Forces analysis.
    • References page
    • APA formatted references from at least five sources.
  • Target length of 3–6 pages in addition to title and references pages, VRIO/Value Chain, PESTEL, and Five Forces analyses.
  • Written for an audience of executive leaders.


  • Barney, J., & The Middle Ground. (2009). Resource based view of the firm by Jay Barney [Video] | Transcript. Retrieved from
  • The following resources are somewhat old, but the information is still relevant and the authors are considered to be leading authorities on the topic.
  • Prahalad, C. K., & Hamel, G. (1990). The core competence of the corporation. Harvard Business Review, 68(3), 79–91.
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  • Barney, J. (1991). Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage. Journal of Management, 17(1), 99.
  • This article is considered to be the seminal work on VRIO.
  • Rothaermel, F. (2017). Strategic management concepts (3rd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
  • Chapter 4, “Internal Analysis.”
  • The VRIO Framework, page 113.esources:

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