When Should Mixed Methods Be Used?

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 1 and 2 of the Hesse-Biber e-book, Mixed Methods Research: Merging Theory with Practice,
and the two required articles for this week. Mixed methods is a current
popular methodology. While this type of methodology is useful for some
studies, because of its dual nature as both quantitative and
qualitative, it is not effective or appropriate for all research.

For this discussion, you will consider the
use of mixed methods for the topic you have chosen for your Research
Proposal. In your initial post, apply the scientific method to your
research topic by defining your research question and determining the
method(s) necessary to answer that question. Compare the characteristics
and appropriate uses of the different methods and explain if your
research question could best be answered through qualitative or
quantitative methods, or a mix of both. Identify the dominant method
(quantitative or qualitative) for your proposed study. Explain whether
or not a mixed methods approach is the best way to study the topic,
demonstrating that the second method is not added as an afterthought or
merely to impress journal editors who favor mixed methods. If you have
decided not to use mixed methods, explain why the study is best
completed with either a quantitative or qualitative focus. Justify your
design choice and support your position with scholarly sources. Include a
discussion explaining how you would apply ethical principles to your
design to address concerns which may impact your research.

At least 800 words and 3 apa refrences

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