what is Building the buy-in, business and finance homework help

One of the four interdependent areas of focus for creating change within an organization is “Building the buy-in” as discussed on pages 159-162 of your text. Research activities of a selected company of choice. You may use a place of employment, university, church, or other organization. You may conduct interviews with managers or employees or simply conducting online research.

 Discuss how the company of choice “builds buy” in with each of the following activities:

  1. Creating community
  2. Getting hands dirty
  3. Communication with stakeholders
  4. Keeping attention high
  5. Engaging customers, suppliers, community activist, and beyond.

Your deliverable needs to be at least 1-1.5 pages in length of a typical word document. After you post your deliverable, revisit the forum and comment on two peer postings.

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