Actionable List and Explanations

Actionable List and Explanations

Using the Actionable List and Explanation Template as a guide, construct a course of action designed to correct or minimize the challenges encountered as a result of each of the 4 major challenges identified by Dr. Happenstance. Be specific, be thorough, and be certain that each item on your list is actionable- meaning it can be “done”. Be certain that you justify each and every single Actionable Item with an explanation informed by current literature from academic or peer reviewed scholarly journal articles. Your Actionable List should be on a page by itself, and the explanations of each item should be clearly labeled and should provide depth and breadth to the actionable item itself.

Please download and save the document provided below (Actionable List Explantation).

This goes with the assignment from last week you did, which i reattached (employee needs assessments)

The house scenario is attached again too if needed.

Thank you in advance

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