Discussion 6: Reflection

Share the list you made in Learning Activity 1 with your classmates.

  • Directly connect each principle to the chapter or assignment where you first encountered it. Use citations from the book and your other learning materials to help explain this principle.
  • Explain why each ethical principle is personally meaningful to you. Why have you chosen this as one of your guiding ethical principles?

At the end of your post, write an ethical mission statement you can easily remember, and which you will use in the future. This mission statement should be a brief (2 – 3 sentence) expression of the values that guide your life.


VIEW “Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development,” a YouTube video hosted by 123Devan456. This video presents an excellent summary of Kohlberg’s theory. When you have finished viewing the video, REFLECT. List the forces and key factors that have influenced your moral development.

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