Final Marketing Communication Plan – Stage 3

  1. Results of my survey
  2. All of the related files are attached below, please finished this stage based on stage1 and stage2.
  3. I also uploaded a sample that written by others, and I think the required charts/graphs for the section4 can be the screenshots of the results of the survey.
  4. Write up your Final Project: Stage 3 – Marketing Communication Plan according to the following outline: Section 1: Situation Analysis
    • Your situation analysis should clearly explain the following in terms of your product/company/service:
      • Industry
      • Competition
      • Company
      • Product/Service

    Section 2: Marketing Objective

    • Your marketing objective for the company/product/service should be clearly and compellingly stated with proper use of industry sources (market research).

    Section 3: Target Audience

    • Describe your target audience in both demographic and psychographic forms.
    • Include parameters of explanation to identify and quantify the target audience for both creative and media purposes.

    Section 4: Target Audience Rationale & Market Research

    • How do your marketing objective and market research survey data support the selection of your target audience?
    • Describe how you conducted your market research using your questionnaire:
      • How did you determine your survey questions, the distribution method, and what was the response rate.
      • Report your tabulated survey data and your analysis of the data including charts/graphs as appropriate.
      • Describe how your survey data supports your marketing objective.

    Section 5:Conclusions and recommendations

    Section 6: Appendices. Survey. Include footnotes indicating sources, as well as information assumed/made-up by you.

  5. Writing Style: Your Marketing Communications Plan should be written clearly, logically, and persuasively are essential to success in college, business, or in life. How you write your paper will strongly influence its understanding, evaluation, and assessment (hence “grade”). Papers that are well written are logical, interesting and credible (and thus merit higher grades), are based on relevancy and flow of content, structure, and presentation of thoughts, ideas, and arguments, logical organization, and proper form. Always write your papers through a “communication lens.” Well‐written papers will include/address the following:
    · Demonstrate an awareness, understanding, and application of the key/relevant theories, concepts, readings, facts, technical explanations, etc. · Provide your own unique contribution, through analysis, critique, associations, and extensions. Just summarizing other people’s writing is not a unique contribution. Be sure to present logical arguments that “connect‐the‐dots” for the reader in getting your point across and persuading. This will allow you to demonstrate to the reader your ability to understand and credible synthesize the material. · Construct a well‐organized, logically structured, and properly formatted paper. Organize summaries, arguments, and analyses in a structure, format, and sequence that helps the reader understand and follow the logic of how topics, thoughts, and ideas are related. Provide section headings to help guide the reader through your communication. Provide transitions between sections of the paper. Provide a short, concise ending, summary, or conclusion that reviews what you have argued and presented.· Grades on papers will be reduced for spelling errors, typos, grammatical errors, incomplete sentences, etc. (A spell‐checker and style‐checker will catch only some of these problems – please proof read your paper completely.)· Fully note and cite any direct quotations. You must explicitly cite extensive paraphrasing as well. · Rutgers University does not accept plagiarism. If you have any doubts as to what plagiarism is, please see the Academic Integrity section above or discuss with me. · Reference and citation format is just to list the source &/or link.
  6. Formatting Papers
    The format of the Marketing Communications Plan will be:• Line spacing: Single‐spaced (unless otherwise specified). Paragraph spacing: 1.5 or 2 lines
    • Use only one (1”) inch margins on top, bottom, left, and right on every page
    • Use Times New Roman 12 point or like font for the body of the document
    • Provide a relevant title to the paper and reference to the assignment
    • Have all pages numbered
    • Include class title (Audience and Market Analysis), date, and name on title page or top of first page, as well as footnotes and survey as appendix
    • Submit in Word (.doc or .docx) format only. No PDF’s.

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