Sustainability in the apparel industry

1. Discussion: Social Media

Initial Post: You work for a fashion company (any company of your choice) which has a new process or product that you think has real benefits for planet and people and you want to get the word out. Identify the company and develop a social media strategy to promote the process/product. Identify an appropriate influencer, provide the link to their primary social media account, and describe what a partnership with them would entail.

Responses to 2 classmates: Review the social media account of the influencer you classmate identified. Describe a special event your classmate could arrange with the influencer to promote their new process or product.

All posts (both your original post and the responses to your classmates) are expected to be 100 words each.

2. Discussion: State of Fashion

Discussion posts are typically focused on your experiences or perceptions and thus are graded on the thoughtfulness and completeness of your responses to the prompts. You will not see your classmates’ posts until you post your own original comment. When you respond to your classmates, be sure to address the response prompt associated with the initial post.

Initial Post: We’ve talked about a lot of major issues associated with the current global fashion industry. What do you consider the most pressing ethical problem right now? Why? What do you believe to be the most effective and reasonable solution to that ethical problem?

No responses to classmates are required this week.

All posts are expected to be 100 words each.

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