Are you becoming more self-actualized

1.1: “Are you becoming more self-actualized?” and 1.2: “Do you take charge of your life?”. Next, study the three-phase cycle of personal growth, as described in chapter 1. The three-phases are listed below and are described in detail in the text.

1. Acknowledging change

2. Responding to a sense of dissonance or dissatisfaction

3. Reorganizing our experience

Next, identify and explain a personal example of self-directed change and growth. Choose a particular event in your life that matches the three-phase cycle of growth. Examples may include: moving from high school to college, ending a dating relationship, getting a new job, or moving to a different area geographically or culturally.

Compose a 200-word essay in which you will explain your personal example of self-directed change and growth, using the three-phase cycle of growth. Describe each step of the process as you experienced it.

Describe the emotions you felt before, during, and after the process of the change. Would you describe the cycle of growth as an easy process, or were there areas in which you struggled? Explain.… thats the textbook

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