Composition – Discussion – Week 4

Prepare: As you prepare to write your first discussion for this week, take a few moments to do the following:

  • Read the Portfolio Project assignment instructions in Week 8 (your outline is due Week 5 and your draft is due in Week 6. Your final draft is due in Week 8).
  • Review the Module 4 Content for this week.

Reflect: Take time to reflect on the techniques for generating ideas.

  • Think about which techniques might be more helpful for you when choosing topics.
  • Develop a short list of three to five ideas to possibly write about for the topic (making a case or writing a narrative essay) you selected for the final Portfolio Project.

Write: Select two to three prompts from the list below for your initial response post.

  • Provide your three to five ideas (in list format) for your Portfolio Project.
  • Write a paragraph and share what you think are the key elements that should be included in an essay that makes a case or in a narrative essay, as well as how you might incorporate these elements into your final project.
  • Note how you will use the strategies in your Portfolio Project.
  • Describe three writing strategies you think you might incorporate into your Portfolio Project.
  • Pose a question about this week’s reading to the class and your instructor.

Module 4_ Interactive Lecture _Comp.pdf 

Portfolio Project assignment instructions for Week 8.pdf 

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