Cuba: An African Odyssey

Watch the two-part documentary about Cuba’s involvement in
African conflicts and revolutions and answer the questions below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

1.  What challenges did Congo and Angola face in their transition to
independence? What factors led to the civil wars in each country?

2.  Briefly explain the motivation for each country’s involvement in
Congo and Angola, with particular attention to how the conflicts fit into each
country’s global geopolitical strategy.

a.  Cuba

b.  United States

c.  Soviet Union

3.  Why were the leaders of the different African states and
factions ambivalent about the involvement of foreigners in African affairs?
Provide two examples.

4.  What were the terms of the agreement that finally ended the
conflict in Angola and Namibia?

5.  Identify two other concepts from political geography that can be
applied the events in Africa and provide a brief explanation of how they apply.

6.  Free response: Please discuss any other aspects of the film that
you found interesting, troubling, or surprising

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