Final Project – Draft

You have three choices of scenarios based on your area of specialization. Mine is Teaching and Learning in the State of Texas

From the scenarios, you will create a fuller scenario, and then develop a realistic legal approach to address the situation. You are to include how you would handle the issue from a Christian perspective.

Case Scenario Options

  • Parent complains about the RTI (Response-to-Intervention) process in the school; plans to sue because child is not getting help she needs
  • Campus site-based decision-making team wants to have drug dogs in the school
  • Teacher is observed with a high school student in a compromising situation

As you consider possibilities within your assigned scenario, keep in mind the requirements of the project:

  • Draft the process and expected outcomes. Base expected outcomes on rationale based on case and statutory law, regulation, policy, etc.
  • Include supplemental materials (letters, diagrams, maps, etc.) to support the plan and policies.
  • The project may be delivered in PowerPoint or Word
  • Use APA format if submitting a formal paper in Word. All submission formats should pay careful attention to citing sources using APA style.

I have attached a sample powerpoint for you to refer to. You can choose between MS Word or Powerpoint.

Please be sure to use scholarly resources

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