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A Christian worldview is more important than ever. A Christian world view is an all-consuming way of life, not just a theory. It is the universal principle that shapes healthcare and other disciplines of life. Christians should do everything, they can to make sure people are well taken care of. Stewardship and compassion are deeply involved with health care. We should help provide low cost, high quality health care instead of high cost, low quality healthcare. No matter what part of the medical field you’re in, God’s plan and purpose should be a driving force in life, even in the midst of challenges and struggles. Our lives are orchestrated by God. If we line up with his plan rather than expecting God to bless our plan, we will be more effective. He is before all things, and in him, all things hold together (Colossians 1:17 New International Version). If God is first, everything will fall in to place. To prosper, we must set professional goals, seek new challenges and responsibilities on the day to day basis, and commit to professional development. Ethics direct us to make the right choices regardless of any circumstance. As well as being resourceful in demanding situations. The administration does not involve direct patient care, but they do communicate with all elements of the organization including employees, managers, patients, and outside resources. As a Christian administrator we must be filled with the knowledge, skills, and ethics necessary to serve individuals, families, organizations, and communities as a fluent and incisive professional.

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