i need a paper on how IT impacts my career 800-1000 words not including references and title page

This assignment requires you to write a five-page, APA 6th edition
format paper, not less than 800 and not more than 1000 words (not
including Title and Reference page) on how IT impacts your career field
/major (Cyber Security).

example, an accounting major or someone in the accounting career field
may wish to research how accounting information systems such as SAP, can
be beneficial to this business area, or marketing and management
students may want to explore how Business Intelligence tools impact
decision making in an organization. If you prefer another IT topic based
on your career path, propose it to your professor.

The paper must adhere to APA 6th edition
format. It must have a Title page, a minimum of 5 pages or (800 to 1000
words) of written text. Your Research Paper must have a reference page
and minimum of five scholarly references, please ensure you use the
appropriate APA formatting for the references. Your paper should be
written in your own words and be grammatically correct.

The paper should include, but is not limited to the following sections (points).

Introduction (10)

Background (40)

Discussion (20)

Conclusion (20)

References (10)

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