Issue Analysis Assessment

1- How did the Issue Analysis process aid your understanding of the problem? Did you think about the problem differently after you completed the process? Describe.

2- What types of additional research did you identify for the Research Design? How did the collection of this data help you to better understand the issue and its analysis? Explain

3- How much did your assessment change in Cycle 1 from the Pre-solve? Describe. Do you feel there is additional research that could be done through a second research design to get to a Cycle 2? Explain.

Issue Analysis Overview

Issue Analysis is a seven step process essential to the integration of good decision-making into an organization. It addresses one and only one issue at a time, providing context and background for that issue, and then creates a “decision matrix” of alternatives, criterion to compare one alternative with another, a valuation of each alternative, and the opportunity to design research around this decision matrix. You will make several applications of this process to demonstrate competency in how to apply it.

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