2 pages reading response paper

Read it carefully and take notes–in the event of a reading quiz, you’ll be allowed to use only notes you have physically taken. If you prefer to type your notes, be sure to print yourself a copy.

Imagining an unfamiliar reader, write a 2 page response that:

— Introduces Michelle Jarman’s essay. What project does she seem to be introducing?

— Identifies any key concepts you find striking and defines them for your reader

— Contributes 2-3 paragraphs of your own thoughts and reactions. How does Jarman approach disability studies? How is her approach distinct from Longmore’s? Which do you find most effective? Does she use different definitions than he does? How do they differ? How does that affect your understanding? What are the uses and limits of a chapter like this as a stand-alone reading?

Then, read Carroll’s “Backpacks vs Briefcases”.

Introduce it for an unfamiliar reader. Summarize the main idea that was most interesting to you. Make a connection to your own academic interests or previous experience with literary or rhetorical analysis. What key concepts does Carroll introduce that are helpful for you in understanding rhetorical situations? How does this essay function as a rhetorical situation unto itself? Does its rhetoric meet the needs of the problem it’s responding to?

Attached is a template for “One Sheet Note-taking”–you are welcome to print it, type on it, adapt it for your own purposes, or take notes in your own preferred fashion.

– I already upload the reading texts

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