6.Follow the requirements to write 300words answer,

the following questions in a minimum of 150 words each. Use
complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling. Use APA formatting to cite
resources appropriately.

At least one reference required for
each question

1. Describe each of the three domains of
development (physical, cognitive, and psychosocial) and provide an example of

2. Describe one of the following theories and
discuss why you agree or disagree with this theory. You can use one of the
other theories to support your position.

a. Theory of moral development (Kolhberg)
b. Cognitive theory of development (Piaget)
c. Psychosocial stages of development (Erikson)

3. Think back on your high school years.
Discuss how you have developed since then; cognitively, physically, and psychosocially.


All the work has to be 100 percent original.

Any guides/existing papers you find on internet will definitely not be accepted

Any kind of plagiarism will definitely not be accepted.

Please read all requirement very very carefully and make sure it follows the instruction very well.

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