A Key to Good Grades Speech outline for Public Speaking Class, writing homework help

Anyone familiar with a public speaking class? I have do do a speech on the importance of good credit/credit score. Below is a sample outline. I need an outline exactly the same as this, but about the importance of good credit/credit credit score.

Sample Outline 

Title: A Key to Good

Rhetorical Purpose: A
speech to inform

Specific Purpose: A
speech to explain to the audience how to use S-Q 3-R

Organizational Pattern:

Thesis: To use S-Q 3-R, you must Survey, Question,
and apply the 3 R’s: Read, Recite, Review.

Introduction: This is the key to my car. When I
want to go somewhere, I put this key into the ignition. Without this key, the
car stands still. I have another “key” to show you. This key allows you to get
somewhere—not in a car but in school. With this key, you can earn better grades
and win the admiration of your friends and family. You will also save time
studying and will have more time to do other things. Using the S-Q 3-R study
method will make you a better student. Let’s discuss the three cuts in this key
to good grades: Survey; Question; apply the three R’s: Read; Recite; Review.


I.  When you
start reading, quickly survey the chapter or assignment.

A.  First read the first and last paragraphs.

1.  Then go back to the first paragraph and reread.

2.  Next read all paragraphs in between.

3.  Then reread the last paragraph.

B.  When you’ve done that, read the sub-headings in bold-faced print.

II.  When you’re done
reading, create questions that you will answer when you read.

A.  To get started, turn the chapter title into a question.

B.  Once you have questions for the chapter, turn each sub-heading into a

III.  Whenever you’re studying,
use the 3-R’s.

A.  Read the material to answer the questions.

B.  Recite the answers to the questions until they are well in mind.

C.  Review the entire chapter.

1.  Do this immediately after reading each chapter.

2.  Do this again after several hours.

3.  Do it again once a week.

Conclusion: Use the S-Q 3-R method each time you
study. You will learn faster, and you will have the key to getting
somewhere in school.

Bibliography:  Tanner, Fran Averitt. Creative
, 2nd edition. Caldwell, Idaho: Clark Publishing Company,

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