access discussion


General Instructions:

As you create your posts, please keep in mind the following:

Initial post:

* Do not include the question text. Just enter your thoughts regarding the question.

* Posts need to be at approximately 100 words in length.

* Be professional.

* Create your post in Word, check spelling and grammar, then copy and paste your paragraph(s) to the discussion board.

* Be sure to save your Word document, you will need to submit it later.

Responses to classmates:

* At least two posts, each to a separate classmate, giving positive feedback or comments.

* Start by giving the name of the person to whom you are responding.

* Posts need to be at least 50 words in length

* Spell and grammar check

* Be professional

* These posts do not need to be included in the Word file containing your initial post.

Prior to the assignment deadline, please upload the Word file that contains your initial post to the Access Discussion Dropbox, found in the Access module. The file should submit through Turnitin. Name your file as: CIACourseNumber Access-Last name First name. Example: CIA1402 Access-Rickel Brian. Points for the submission will be included in the discussion rubric.

Due Dates:

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