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Common Assignment Directions with Grading Rubric

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Answer all questions below and follow page limitations. Your common assignment should be in the form of an essay with full sentences and a clear organizational structure. Please use subheadings relating to the questions posed. Citations are not necessary unless you quote directly.  The common assignment is about your ability to analyze and apply concepts and theory . 

DO NOT RETELL the story. You have read it and the instructor has read it, so assume knowledge of the case.  However, use information within the common case to illustrate and to provide examples.  Label when you give examples of “micro, mezzo, macro” so that the instructor is aware that YOU know which is which. 

1. Identify and discuss the interplay among micro, mezzo and macro elements. 2-3 pages (Competency 2.1.7; PB1) 

2.  Identify, apply and discuss the relevance of the Life Course Perspective to the case study, using (amongst others) such concepts as life events, cohort influences, transitions and turning points, and human agency 3-4 pages (Competency 2.1.7 PB 2).

3. Identify and discuss factors in the case that threaten well-being (risk factors) and factors that promote resilience and future well-being (protective factors and promotive factors) in the case study. 2-3 pages (Competency 2.1.7 PB 1)

4. Write a concluding paragraph that speaks to either resiliency or to theoretical conclusions.

Grading Rubric






2.1.7  PB1

Utilize conceptual frameworks to guide the processes of assessment, intervention, and evaluation

Does not situate the case study within a set of micro mezzo and macro system 

Situates the case study within a set of micro, mezzo, and macro system but only illustrates transactions between two levels. 

Situates the case study within a set of micro, mezzo, and macro systems and accurately illustrates transactions among the three systems 

Situates the case study within a set of micro, mezzo, and macro system, illustrates the relationships among all systems, and identifies further how some change in any one system would create changes in all of them. 

2.1.7  PB1

Utilize conceptual frameworks to guide the processes of assessment, intervention, and evaluation

Student is unable to identify any risk factors or protective factors within the case study.

Student is able to identify some risk factors and protective factors but can only marginally apply them to the case study. 

Student is able to identify multiple risk and protective factors and can connect them directly to the case study.

Student is able to identify multiple risk and protective factors, can connect them directly to the case, and also identifies promotive factors that would constitute a source of resiliency within the case study. 

2.1.7 PB2

Critique and apply knowledge to understand person and environment

Student is unable to critique and apply the Life Course theory to the case study

Student identifies one or two life course concepts but applies the concepts only marginally to the case. Student uses the life course framework inconsistently within the discussion.

Student identifies two or more Life Course concepts and applies them accurately to the case. The student is able to critically discuss the case by consistent use of the life course perspective.

Student not only identifies and applies two or more life course concepts to the case and consistently uses life course theory, but in addition, demonstrates the ability to articulate the strengths and limitations of the theories discussed.

Addendum to the instructions re: the Common Assignment:

All submissions are due as a Word document submitted through Blackboard before the last day of class 7/17/16. A reminder is placed in Module 8. Late papers will be downgraded. 

Please remember to include 5 or more references to the course materials and readings.

Please make sure you follow these guidelines as well in writing this common assignment

Please remember to be as thorough as possible!!  Stay away from one-sentence responses.  Please remember to include 5 or more citations from the course readings. Although you can use materials from HB 1, there is a strong preference for HB 2 materials, as students must display an ability to apply the readings from this semester.  

In citing do not just mention. State what the particular citation and author has to say that helps you understand things. The need for thoroughness in each module was noted.  The purpose of these assignments, (particularly Summative) is for us to see how well students understand and integrate the concepts discussed from each module.  Because this is an online experience, the only way for instructors to measure understanding is through your written assignments. So they must be as thorough as possible. A strong effort must be seen!!

 The Common Assignment needs to be thorough as it is a major assignment.  General rule for all assignments is that when a concept is mentioned, they should be defined, explained, and applied. (Examples)

For instance: when discussing stress, define the concept, (briefly) then put it in your own words, then give an example.  

References as well

Hutchison book is attached chapter 1 and chapter 7 

Hutchison 2015- Dimension of Human Behavior fifth edition

Please use references attached APA style as well

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