healthcare informatics technology trend

Please complete ALL THREE of the Professional Development exercises.

  1. Some institutions that require students to develop e-portfolios as a part of their program of study also may use this evidence of student learning to evaluate the program quality or generate evidence for accreditation reports. What do you think should be the driving purpose behind requiring electronic portfolios – professional development planning or institutional evaluation? What are the merits of each approach?
  2. Conduct a literature search for a scholarly article about e-Portfolios and how they are used in nursing. Summarize the findings, and discuss how this may be applicable within your nursing practice.
  1. Investigate a healthcare informatics technology trend
    • Use both Internet sites and library resources to describe the trend.
    • Cover both hardware and software requirements.
    • Discuss considerations for implementing the trend.
    • Discuss how the technology trend will impact nursing knowledge and/or practice.

Please submit one APA formatted paper more than 1500 words, not including the title and reference page. Each assignment should have a minimum of 4 recent scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook. support fact with incite citations, Intro Body and Conclusion.

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