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This is MBA – International Human Resource Management course.

This textbook you may need:

Dowling, P. J., Festing, M., & Engle, Sr., A.D. (2013). International human resource management: Managing people in a multinational context (6th ed.). Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western. ISBN-: 978-1-480-3209-1

Deliver : 

Discussion this week focused on the 2 methods most MNEs currently use to develop compensation plans for overseas employees.

  1. Chapter 8 of the Dowling text discusses several factors involved in international compensation. What do you think should be the main objectives of a compensation policy for a multinational firm? Which international compensation approaches do you feel has the most problems? Why? Which has the most advantages? Why? Which way would you personally prefer if it was your salary under consideration? Why?

2 pages required. 

2.     There are many differing styles of management in the world. Based on your exams, it seems as if some of you believe that the western forms of management are ‘the best’. 

Is this true? Do you believe that western management is always the best form of management to use? Or, do you have a more situational frame and believe that ‘it depends’? And on what would it depend?
Why do you believe as you do?

You might want to review Module 1 in the Course Documents section, including the article by Boyacigiller.

2 pages required.

This is MBA-International Human Resource Management course. 

Check the attachments below. Ebook, ppt and week 7 DB requirements. 

Use ebook and ppt for references. Outside reference is ok, too

This is graduate students level paper. Please write your answers professional. 

Thank you. 

Original work. NO Plagiarism. It must be upload to the Turnitin website.

If you don’t follow the rules, I will withdraw it. 

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