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Nursing isn’t just about clocking in and passing meds and fulfilling physician orders. Our Patients aren’t just a diagnosis and a set of orders. We spend 12 hours at the bedside and see our patients in their most vulnerable state. They put their trust in us to care for them, not just give them their breakfast and their medication but to care for them holistically, by asking them about how they live their lives and who their support system is and determine what care they need based on the information we gather from them. 

For example I cared for a baby who had neonatal abstinence syndrome (drug withdrawal). The mother was homeless, had no prenatal care because she didn’t know she was pregnant and was addicted to street drugs. She was giving the infant up for adoption. It was easy to judge her decisions and to assume “she must be a terrible person to get her baby addicted to drugs and now she’s just giving him up”. That was the attitude of the nurse i received report from. Once I assumed care of the infant I read the case management notes. I read the mother’s history and the desription of her interaction during her last visit with her son. I won’t go into detail about her history but It was quite tragic and she didn’t have the support or upbringing she needed to get help. She did the best thing she could have to give her baby a better life. 

Reading her history and gathering that information allowed me to see the whole picture; the environment the mother came from, the health of the mother, the person that she was because of the environment she was from. From that whole picture I was able to perform my nursing care tailored to the understanding I had of the particular situation. Each family we care for have a different story. 

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