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I will expect you to think critically about First Amendment rights as you develop this essay. Four cases
will be presented after these instructions. You are to write your essay on only one of the cases. In your
essay, address the questions posed following the scenario, but make it all flow as though those questions
are thoughts you have and know that they must be considered in arriving at a solution to your journalistic
dilemma. Do not list the questions within your essay and then answer them individually. You must fully
justify the path you choose. In other words, whether you choose a solution that is provided to you within
the case scenario or another one you have come up with on your own, you must explain completely why
you have made this choice. Refer to at least two previously decided cases (precedent) as partial support
for your decision. Remember: The First Amendment is NOT a precedent. Do not start off writing the
scenario as it appears in this assignment simply to add words to your essay. You may begin by briefly
explaining the dilemma you are facing. Your paper must be submitted to Turn-It-In by Wednesday,
October 12 by 11:30 p.m. to receive full credit.

Specifications: Use this list as your checklist before you submit through Turn-It-In

____ 650–900 words (This is a firm minimum and maximum number of words—not one word
fewer nor one word more.)____ 12-pt. Times New Roman, double spaced
____ 1-inch margins on all four sides of page

____ Contact info and name in header on every page
____ Indent paragraphs 1⁄2 inch with NO extra spacing between paragraphs
____ Include page numbers 

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