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Go to the link (Links to an external site.)

View the photos of the composers’ gravestones and pick the gravestone you like the most.  Then write the composer’s obituary.  Make certain you include the following:

1. Composer’s full name

2. Date and place of birth; date and place of death.

3. In which style period the composer wrote.

4. With whom of importance did the composer studiy and/or who was a great influence on her/him.

5. Two or three of the composer’s best known works (or genres) and/or musical accomplishments.

6. What social imfluence the composer had (if any).

7. Include, as a separate sentence outside of the obituary you write, what new fact about the composer most interested you.  If you are really curious, go to YOUTUBE and see if there are any performances of your composer’s music!

I have provided a model of a fictitious contemporary composer’s obituary for your reading pleasure.  It is a model only, and is not intended to be a strict template. 

Internationally acclaimed composer Jane Smith died in Paris on August 16, 2009.  Born in East Cupcake, New Jersey, in 1962, Ms Smith is best known for her wild and untamed compositions in the Neo-Contemporary style.  Her early years were spent listening to a diverse and eclectic range of composers from George Rochberg to Harry Partch to Tom Constanten (formerly of the Grateful Dead).  She studied composition in Europe and in Japan from leading composers of both acoustic and electronic music.  While many of her compositions utilize electronics, she is perhaps best known for her moving orchestral suites dedicated to the memories of all humans touched by war and genocide. Her orchestral suite, Epiphany, was premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in 2003 and most recently the recording of her string quartet Mnemonics received a Grammy Award.  Smith, a long time human rights activist, felt her place in the world was to remind us of our frailty and to urge us to respect the lives of others.  A coordinated worldwide musical memorial service will be held in October, with over 23 arts organizations, educational institutions, and human rights organizations participating in seven countries.

CAUTION: Please re-read my position on academic dishonesty.  If identical (or very similar) assignments are submitted, both students will be held responsible for their actions and may receive a failing grade for the course.  Please, do your own work.

 Hint – one gravestone in the graveyard contains only general photos of Paris cemeteries and does not pertain to an actual composer.  It is there just for your enjoyment!

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